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Poland reopens borders with all European Union neighbours

Poland opened its borders to Germany, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia on the 13th of June, as the coronavirus pandemic in the country slows.

Under Poland's new measures, citizens of non-EU members Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are allowed to enter Poland if they are the spouse or child of a Polish citizen or have a work permit for the country. Workers from these countries will not need to complete a 14-day quarantine on arrival.

Flights to EU destinations are planned to resume on June 16.
“Travelers will regain the right to free entry, exit and transit through the territory of the Republic of Poland. They will not have to quarantine. Countries neighbouring Poland have already been informed about the Polish movement. Thanks to this, they have time to prepare for changes,” the statement of Poland’s Government reads.

Anyway, the European Union external borders remain closed, and the reopening of them depends on the recommendations of the European Commission