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Meet the neighbours of the neighbours during COVID-19 times

We would like to inform about the launch, last 9th of May, of the initiative “Meet the neighbours of the neighbours during COVID-19 times”. The initiative will last 27 days (like the number of the Member States), until 4th June, and will aim primarily youth and students from both Europe and Africa. The objective is to open a digital window for young people to get to know other cultures, the ones of the neighbours of their neighbours, and take advantage of these difficult times of social distancing and confinement.

Through the streaming platform, FestivalScope.org young people can access a selection of high-quality films about cultures and societies of the other, neighbouring, continent, strengthening mutual understanding and building a solid basis to encourage inter-cultural dialogue.

The access to the streaming platform is free of charge, providing for a secured on-demand access to around 40 feature films, changing the offer each week with different films. Around 20 European feature films will be accessible to youth and students of Africa and the Mediterranean, and another 20 African and Mediterranean features films will be accessible to European students. The audience will be able to watch the selected films on a first-come-first-served basis for up to 1000 users for each film, but specific promotion is being done and shall be done, thanks also to your help, through networks of youth and students.

Direct connection through the link: www.festivalscope.com/meetafrica
CultureXchange (www.culturexchange.eu)