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The European Commission presented its strategy for equality between men and women in Europe.

The European Commission today presented its strategy for equality between men and women in Europe. 
According to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, gender equality is one of the fundamental principles of the European Union. She noticed, that we need to ensure that women and men have equal opportunities and that the changes do not further exacerbate inequalities. Also, we need to create the conditions that enable women to be the actors of fair transformation in the workplace and in private life.
Below some statistics are presented, which shows the importance of this problem:
In the EU, 33% of women were victims of physical or sexual violence, and 55% were sexual. Women in Europe must be free from violence and harmful stereotypes.
On average, women in the EU earn 16% less than men and continue to face obstacles to access and stay in the labour market
Women are still under-represented in management positions, including the largest EU companies, where only 8% of the general directors are women.
So, taking below mentioned into consideration, they are ready to take serious actions to tackle this problem. The Commission will also support women's participation in policy, including in the elections to the European Parliament in 2024 and by identifying and sharing best practice.…/gender-e…/gender-equality-strategy_en