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“European Studies and Analyses” journal
The main aim of “European Studies and Analyses” scientific journal is to present main aspects of the European Union, including various procedures and functioning of the EU, the legal system and decision making process within EU institutions, as well as social and economic dimensions of European integration and practical aspects of Polish membership in the EU. Find out more:

Youth European Parliament in Bydgoszcz
We coordinate the activity of Youth European Parliament in Bydgoszcz, which is an informal group of young and active citizens, interested in EU-related issues, social activity and volunteering. Join them!

EU funds advisor
If you are going to apply for funds from the European Union, you may need help from EUROPE DIRECT Bydgoszcz expert. Once a month you can meet EU funds advisor at our office and ask for more specific information on EU-funding.

Europe Day
Each year Europe Day is a day of celebration of peace and unity in Europe. By this occasion Europe Direct Information Centre in Bydgoszcz organizes an outdoor event for the citizens. It takes place at the campus of the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz on/near to the 9th May. On Europe Day the campus turns into a multicultural “Euro-town”, visited by hundreds of guests, who take part in various activities and contests, get yellow flowers and sing the anthem of the EU “Ode to Joy” together.

Two types of contests are organized by EUROPE DIRECT Bydgoszcz each year. The first one is addressed to recent graduates of the universities all over Poland, who can be awarded for the best bachelor or master thesis concerning contemporary external relations of the EU. The second type of contests is organized by the occasion of the European Language Day. Pupils from Kuyavian-Pomeranian region can present European multiculturalism and multilingualism in three different ways: by writing, painting or photography.

Lessons and workshops on the European Union
EUROPE DIRECT Bydgoszcz offers a variety of lessons and workshops on EU topics not only in Polish, but also in English. You can contact us directly for details.

We offer a wide range of free brochures on the European Union-related issues (both in electronic and in paper version).


EUROPE DIRECT is an all-European information network which is managed and co-funded by the European Commission. It was founded in 2005. The main functioning principles have been defined by the European Commission and are the same in all 27 European Union member states. The EUROPE DIRECT network consists of EUROPE DIRECT centres and European Documentation Centres. These are one of the most important communication tools between the European Union and its citizens at the local and regional level. The main task of EUROPE DIRECT is to answer the questions and doubts concerning the EU-related issues. Europe Direct information centres also offer free brochures and free contact with the Europe Direct Contact Centre. Moreover, they provide computers with access to the Europa website (European Union portal) and a feedback mechanism which enables citizens to direct information about their problems, doubts or comments to Brussels. Most of all, however, Europe Direct deals with information activities directed to the local society.

EUROPE DIRECT in Bydgoszcz

Europe Direct Information Centre (EDIC) in Bydgoszcz has functioned at the University of Economy since May 2005. Its main tasks include providing information and advice in all areas related to European issues, with particular attention to local social needs. EDIC Bydgoszcz directs its services to all citizens interested in European Union-related issues. Representatives of local government, small and medium-sized enterprises, teachers and educational institutions, students, higher education institutions, non-governmental organisations and the youth are particularly welcome to cooperate. For them conferences, seminars, training modules, workshops, competitions and open lectures are organised. EUROPE DIRECT Bydgoszcz also deals with publishing activities and conducting research and analyses.  

You are welcome to come and visit our centre:
Opening times: Monday - Friday  8.00 – 16.00
Europe Direct Information Centre in Bydgoszcz
at the Univeristy of Economy
Garbary 2 (building C, room C015)
85-229 Bydgoszcz
tel./fax: 52 567 00 18
e-mail: europedirect-bydgoszcz@byd.pl
Facebook: /EDBydgoszcz
Twitter: @EDBydgoszcz